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I have just visited Guardian’s Particle Physics section and found that they have really made a nice flash presentation of Cern’s Large Hadron Collider( LHC ) . Yes.. that Large Hadron Collider for which physicists are waiting for a long time and after 20 years of preparation it is ready to switch. This is the main focus now in science community. Does SUSY ( SuperSymmetry ) exist? Does extra dimension exist ? and more.. questions are to be answered by LHC. Here are two snap shot of Guardian’s presentation.

Large Hadron Collider

Mini Black Holes at LHC

Watch Full Flash Presentation at Guardian


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Its a hot news now that famous theoretical physicist and the writer of award winning book ” Brief History of Time” Stephen Hawking may leave Cambridge. He has received an offer from Canadian research institute ” Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics” where he would join recently appointed director Neil Turok. Hawking may visit perimeter next month and take decision whether he will move permanently or not.

Stephen Hawking

You can see detail at National Post,Telegraph, and Discovery Channel.

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